Expert Advisor Studio ~ 2020-02-19 Analysis

Expert Advisor Studio ~ 2020-02-19 Analysis

# Expert Advisor Studio ~ 2020-02-19 Analysis of the markets

This blog post is to show you how the blogger uses the expert advisor studio that Fintechee provides to analyze the Forex markets on Feb 19th 2020.

# The models trained recently are not that good to identify the markets' patterns.

So I didn't trade recently.

I used the neural network EA to gather the historical EUR/USD data from 2019/01/01 to 2019/06/30 and found there are 25% candlesticks that the difference between the close price and the open price exceeds 10 pips. That means the market movements are really not volatile recently. It will make the training of neural network models more difficult. Because the patterns of market movements are much more difficult to identify.

# The concept of Neural Network EA is difficult for a new trader.

So I recommend you to check our another article to know more details, there is a tutorial video there: Algorithms for Trading.

The Neural Network EA mentioned in the article(Sample EA Neural Network) is used by the blogger(Mark Sea) to analyze the market movements. The parameters and the indicators may be reset, but the algorithms will NOT be modified.

We started trading since Feb 17th, 2020. Please feel free to track our trading records.

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