How long to make you start using a trading platform?

How long to make you start using a trading platform?

# How long to make you start using a trading platform?

# I heard of Metatrader in 2006.

Before knowing the name of that tool, I had heard of several trading platforms' names already.

To be honest, compared with other tools, the first sight of MT didn't attract me. The design, UI is ordinary, seems nothing special.

One of the difficulties is that I need to learn how to code a program and make it run on the tool. Though the programming language is similar to the C language that I'm very familiar with, they are a little bit different. And nothing makes me feel very necessary to learn a new programming language.

After several times that I used the tool, it made me change my mind. I found it was the best trading platform that I had ever used. Not so convenient, but it has offered the necessary features to make traders run algorithms for trading. backtesting and expert advisor is really useful.

But I still feel not so urgent to learn how to code an expert advisor. So I stopped keeping on learning that tool.

# Until 2009, I didn't code even one line for running on that platform.

That means I didn't use it further for almost 4 years. Quite a long time.

In 2010, with the growth of my interests in Forex, I started coding an automated trading program(expert advisor). I didn't use the EAs on the real account, just use them on demo.

# In 2017, I started using the EAs on the real account.

Because I use neural network algorithms , so I need to gather data and train the models. So I had to install a Zero-MQ plugin to transfer data from MT to the external neural network program. It's not convenient.

So I started developing Fintechee since 2018 and make all features integrated into just one package: FIX connectivity(FIX bridge), artificial intelligence library, and charting system. It has included almost all the features that MT offers. Besides, I developed some new features that you just can find at Fintechee exclusively. Now I ONLY use Fintechee to trade.

# The time I spent on MT is 8 years, I coded a ton of EAs and tools(such as source code generator, data importer, AI-based on Tensorflow, etc...).

But even if I relied on the tool for a long time, the spare time to make it keep on sleeping on my PC is still very long.

# I have released Fintechee for a long time.

Nowadays the number of users increased, but still not inspiring. Sometimes I became upset. But when it comes to the experience that I used MT, I calm down. So, a good tool may not make you use it immediately, but finally, it will be helpful and figure out the right place to locate.

We started trading since Feb 17th, 2020(next Monday). Please feel free to track our trading records.

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