2020/3/10 Why did I go short on EUR/USD?

2020/3/10 Why did I go short on EUR/USD?

# 2020/3/10 Why did I go short on EUR/USD?

# I went short on EUR/USD since last Friday.

This Monday, with the fall of US stocks, the EUR/USD had a gap high.

By coincidence, I was focusing on developing new APIs for Fintechee SDK. I had to backtest many cases before I released the new version. So I stopped running my expert advisor(trading robot and instinctively added two trades going short to reduce the total cost of the trade positions. It's done manually, I didn't follow the signals of my EA. My EA actually had warned me last Friday that going long temporally should be wise. I didn't follow just because of concentrating on the development of new APIs and had no time to analyze whether the signals were correct.

Now I have four trades going short and the total unrealized PL tends to go up and the equity recovered from a big loss.

# I will restart my EA tomorrow.

By the way, I utilized one of my usual trading strategies, so-called Martingale since last Friday. It seems working. Martingale actually is a money management strategy. So please note, NEVER apply it to judge the trends or get signals. I just use it for reducing the total cost. It's my opinion.

2020-03-10 Forex trading records

Regarding the new APIs, please check our tutorials: SDK, SDK document. We made some examples for the new APIs: examples

Please feel free to track our trading records.

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