A better way to share your trading strategy

A better way to share your trading strategy

# Expert Advisor Studio ~ A better way to share your trading strategy

Do you have these experiences?

  • When you sign into the Telegram groups,
  • When you check out your mailbox,
  • When you access social media, such as Twitter,

Some guys will send messages/newsletters with some account IDs and investor passwords(which makes your account read-only).

What will I do if I see these?

Nothing, I will just let it be. Even if sometimes I am curious, but I never sign in to these shared accounts.

Why? Too complex. I need to install the trading terminal and then search the specific server in a long list(not always long). And then login...

It had taken me 30 minutes or longer until I understood the shared accounts are rubbish.

Maybe there are some precious accounts, so what? Because the sharing method is too clumsy, some good accounts are missed.

Sometimes I want to share my accounts' records as well but gave up once I thought of the complication.

How can we improve the sharing method?

Is that possible to share it just by some more compact approach, such as one-click?

What we recommend is to embed the shared information in a website. For example, you can make an iFrame tag. Then, when the clients check your strategy, they don't need to type the account ID and the investor password. By opening the website, they can see the trading records shown on the charts.

And a static website's cost is extremely low. Lower than $1 monthly(Please confirm the pricing with the site hosting service).

Fintechee supports sharing accounts. You can set the "src" property to any Fintechee's WEB trader and make a hash value behind the URL, such as https://www.fintechee.com/web-trader/#875730:::1

"875730" is the account ID and "1" is the investor password in this example. You can replace them with your own account ID and your investor password.

After that, you compile your expert advisor by our compiler and make it run on the browser.

Then your customers can check your trading records online and you run your expert advisor on your local PC without the leak of your source codes or compiled files.

You can make some links referring to your own shops to promote your products(marketing your EAs).

Super cool, right? Please try it for free. As long as you don't change our brand information(such as our LOGO or links), you can get authorized to use our chart widget on your site for free.

BTW, We are sharing an account now.

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