People prefer posts with simpler contents

People prefer posts with simpler contents

# People prefer posts with simpler contents

# I found more people clicked my posts on Twitter that have titles to imply simpler content.

The titles that are apparent to be written for Forex beginners have more clicks than AI.

That doesn't mean employing artificial intelligence on trading is not important or not worth being promoted.

I don't know the reason why followers didn't read the contents about employing AI on trading, even they are very useful. I didn't research much for that(the reason). But I guess intuitively that is because the followers tend to read relaxing contents, just like what I did in the beginning when I started trading. Trading exhausts traders. So, in our spare time, we need the contents to make us happy, not the contents to make us fear something.

# In the beginning, when I started trading, I didn't read any tutorial. I felt not that nervous when I saw a very volatile movement.

But after I read some magazines about Forex trading strategies and had more experience to trade, I became very tense to check the news or any information that may affect Forex markets, such as the unemployment rate, the interest rate, something else.

At that time, a post on a certain magazine to boast a trader's good performance in trading might make me more confident. The contents had no much nutrition. But I liked reading them. Just for more confidence.

I remembered that a post on a magazine that had lied in the Library for a few years attracted me. The story was about a Japanese trader. The post introduced the trader's trading style. It was very simple. He deposited 10 million yen and every time, he ONLY opened trade with 10 lots and if the profits exceeded 5 pips, he exited the market. And every day, he just aimed to achieve the purpose of 5 pips. Never aim more than 5 pips. That's his trading principal. I read that post at least 3 times. Even I had learned the importance of trading principals, even trading principal was the only point to be worth reading in the post, I still read it repeatedly. Just for being inspired more.

A post that taught us how to employ neural networks in trading might make me lose confidence at that time because I had less knowledge in that field, I couldn't code an expert advisor like that. Not mastering knowledge like a pro made me depressed. So I was attracted by the contents of AI, but meantime, I feared reading them as well.

# My posts in this blog to introduce my old trading records have more clicks than my posts to introduce neural networks as well.

I guess the reason is the same. Of course, I'm very sure the posts about neural networks are much more worth reading.

Hopefully, this post can make the beginners who are just attracted by the neural networks to employ on trading be more confident and inspired. Don't give up because the contents that you are following are the correct way.

By the way, we are using neural networks, genetic algorithm on our trading. Please feel free to track our trading records.

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