What is Expert Advisor Studio?

What is Expert Advisor Studio?

# What is Expert Advisor Studio?

This post tells us what expert advisor studio does and the development history of Fintechee's EA studio.

# The spreadsheet saved a lot of my spare time.

After I coded several expert advisors(EAs), I concluded that the structures of the expert advisors are almost the same. It makes no difference to code an EA monitoring the golden cross of Simple Moving Averages(SMAs) or an EA monitoring the golden cross of MACD's mainline and signal line. What I need to modify is just the indicator name. So I used the spreadsheet to help me generate the source codes. I inputted the indicators' names into the sheet and made a script run behind the sheet to dynamically replace the key points of the source codes with the new indicators' names. The spreadsheet saved a lot of my spare time.

You know just by changing the indicators we can't develop a profitable EA. We need projections, Fibonacci retracements, and Elliot waves to help us analyze the market movements. So I developed some programming scripts to support projections, Fibonacci retracements. Elliot waves technical skills are a little bit subjective, so I didn't develop the extension for it. I used this spreadsheet for 2 whole years. It's very helpful. An EA with more than 2000 lines can be generated in just one second.

# Since 2013, I started up to make my own business.

The business was to make this spreadsheet become a commercial product and open it to the public via my website. I got my patents registered in Japan and made the first commercial version of the spreadsheet. Traders can use a table widget to manage the rules of the trading strategies on the website. All the rules can be dragged and dropped to make a new combination. At that time, I just knew this kind of stuff is called Expert Advisor Builder in the traders' world.

This tool is helpful but not that user-friendly. The beginners claimed that it was difficult to learn how to use it. Actually, it was not that difficult, a normal person can learn how to use it in just several minutes. But traders are lazy to learn especially because it was a new concept, traders had no time to be trained to fit the new stuff.

# Then I redesigned the tool and made the second version.

This time, traders had a wizard to help them generate an EA step by step. Comparing with the previous version, the new version is much simpler. I had to get rid of some features that are quite good for pro traders but may not be appropriate to beginners. Projections and Fibonacci retracements were not supported in that version. Traders can generate EAs under four patterns. Another difference is that the first version can just support my own platform, the second version supports both, my own platform and MT4. My old platform only supports trading simulations, so all the users tend to use it to generate EAs to run on MT4.

# Now, with the new version of Fintechee released.

The WEB trader of Fintechee supports real-time streaming quotes, live trading, FIX API, RESTful API, SDK trading on the frontend. We updated the EA builder to the new version as well. The EA generated by the new tool can run on Fintechee and send real orders. We made a new website to release the product: NonMQL and renamed it as Expert Advisor Studio. It's a SPA and very simple to use. Because I reduced the steps of the complicated previous wizard to just ONE STEP.

Besides neural networks, genetic algorithms, we now have more choices to help us analyze the market movements.

We will use neural networks, genetic algorithms on our trading. Please feel free to track our trading records.

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