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FIX API ~ Order Execution
How will order execution be done at Fintechee? What's the difference between Fintechee and other trading platforms? The answer is FIX API and EA studio . How will order execution be done at Finte ... Read more
Expert Advisor Studio ~ EAs ONLY run on WEB browser
It's much securer to make EAs ONLY run on the WEB browser. No worries about the leak of the algo, Fintechee provides expert advisor studio to match the needs. Do you know what traditional trading platforms are doing in the black box? To be h ... Read more
Expert Advisor Studio ~ Why backtesting so important?
Backtesting, portfolio backtester is the ONLY way to reproduce mistakes causing the closing-out of the positions or to find out the reason why the market moved unexpectedly. Fintechee provides [expert advisor studio]( ... Read more
Expert Advisor Studio ~ Where do you backtest?
I guess you ONLY backtest your trading strategies at home, right? Because there was no trading platform supporting backtesting on mobile. Our expert advisor studio provides [portfolio backtester]( ... Read more
People prefer posts with simpler contents
I found more people clicked my posts on Twitter that have titles to imply simpler content. The titles that are apparent to be written for Forex beginners have more clicks than AI. That doesn't mean employing artificial intelligence on ... Read more