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EA Tutorial ~ How beginners learn neural network?
This expert advisor tutorial shares with you the experience about how beginners learn neural network via our expert advisor studio. A lot of traders who are not familiar ... Read more
Expert Advisor Studio ~ Training Neural Network
We share with you the experience about how to use expert advisor studio to train a neural network and how to avoid over-optimizing the EA after backtesting. I spent 2 weeks training my neural network and [backtesting]( ... Read more
Expert Advisor Tutorial ~ FX Trading Daily Strategy
What is Forex Trading Daily Strategy? A lot of trading beginners may wonder what Forex Trading Daily Strategy should do. Let me explain in this expert advisor tutorial. Daily Strategy What is [Forex trading](https://www.f ... Read more
My old trading records in 2017.
This expert advisor tutorial is to share with you the performance in 2017 of the expert advisors made by our old algorithms. Trading records The screenshot below is the [backtesting]( ... Read more
The traditional optimizer has been obsolete.
Fintechee has some useful features to help advanced traders get a good model with appropriate parameters. One is an algorithm based on the traditional optimizer and the second one is an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence, so-called AI, such as Neural Network. We all know that a tradin ... Read more