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Expert Advisor Studio ~ EAs ONLY run on WEB browser
It's much securer to make EAs ONLY run on the WEB browser. No worries about the leak of the algo, Fintechee provides expert advisor studio to match the needs. Do you know what traditional trading platforms are doing in the black box? To be h ... Read more
Expert Advisor Studio ~ 2020-03-19 Analysis
This blog post is to show you how the blogger uses the expert advisor studio that Fintechee provides to analyze the Forex markets on Mar 19th 2020. Recently it's not good timing to enter the market. I made a new training data set for the [ne ... Read more
Why scalping works?
It works, but why? Let's discuss this now. Scalping is a kind of trading strategies to buy or sell very actively. It works, but why? Let's discuss this now. In the beginning, when I just started trading in 2009, I didn't read any [tutoria ... Read more
EA Tutorial ~ How beginners learn neural network?
This expert advisor tutorial shares with you the experience about how beginners learn neural network via our expert advisor studio. A lot of traders who are not familiar ... Read more
What is Expert Advisor Studio?
This post tells us what expert advisor studio does and the development history of Fintechee's EA studio. The spreadsheet saved a lot of my spare time. After I coded several [expert advisors ... Read more